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Every part of the nature and our world has its important function in the interactive relationship of our universe – and not only human kind as we often think.
Besides this Gertrud Matysik wants the viewer to become aware of the power and strength of our nature to activate our self-healing forces and to get and to maintain our inner balance and mental health.


Still living in a time where wide ranges of the human society are still focused on economic growth and money-grubbing mentality with uninhibited expansion of worldwide trading markets and thoughtless exploitation of human and natural ressources Gertrud Matysik’s artwork is all the more of current interest.


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Gertrud Matysik’s

In last consequence if we are going on to neglect these fundamental connections between nature, human kind and universe and if we are going on to destroy our nature we will kill ourselves.




But it’s not only her artistic intention to enjoy the viewer with the beauty for example of a single flower being in full bloom – seeming without an end in itself - or to show the viewer the uniqueness, vulnerability and transitoriness of our flora and nature.