Gertrud Matysik’s

The Art Traveler

VOL. 2
Photo Art Matysik



Coming from thoughts about their role, task and mission in their lives and acts as contemporary artists the Artmatysik`s artist so also Gertrud not only work on beauty projects in the arts so everytime they are also joining time criticial contents in their art.


Independent from the concrete project they are working on also Artmatysik`s artist Gertrud Matysik is always on her way to gain a maximal global and detailed view on the things and facts becoming part of her art so also her sons are working on that way. In order to get the most impressive inspiration for her work from the root and top she has to join nearby.
The nearer the better.



The “Artist`s Union” joining Venice Biennale

South Beach calls for art
> Stop at Atlanta Jackson International Airport


Along the beach :
Fine-Arts-Artist Dr. Gerd Matysik doing final preparation for the next shot session.
However this time he does it without his mother`s help ..