Gertrud Matysik’s

The Art Traveler

VOL. 3
Photo Art Matysik


So Gertrud Matysik is like her sons an art traveler of our time every second her eyes, ears and nose wide open for new inspiration she gains often in situations and moments not expected before anyway.
It is the art of moment and time peak. Therefore joining nature and societies worldwide researching new artistic energy in the free communication and exchange with other international artists Gertrud Matysik is not only doing artistic missions on her own artistic projects.
.She also follows her sons Bertram & Gerd acting and featuring their art at the most interesting places around the globe and powerful locations of the arts.



To do so Gertrud is often supporting her sons in the world of arts starting by not so interesting form affairs up to do exciting shots on the sunny beaches of the world with the intention to catch the most impressive and really crazy material by cam on the demand of time and moment and to let this material become the basement for new amazing fine art projects of her sons Bertram & Dr. Gerd Matysik reflecting the spirit of time.

Always ... ... get the arts !